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Madras Chicken Parotta

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Madras Chicken Parotta

  • Non Veg
    • 55 mins
    • Serves 3
    • Easy



    Parotta has been a part of the Indian culinary habits for centuries. It is fried flat bread made from all-purpose flour on a frying pan. It has multiple layers of flour dough fried into a soft bread to eat as breakfast or to serve with various gravies and curries.

    Different styles and recipes of Parotta have emerged over the years. Stuffing of various types has been used in Parotta to add flavor and taste.

    Here we have chicken stuffing made in Madras spices for our delicious madras chicken Parotta.

    Health Benefits

    Although, it is fried in ghee or cooking oil, when eaten in moderation the parotta does no harm to your diet. The ghee and flour in the parotta are wonderful ingredients that boost strength and energy. Include this in your heavy breakfast and enjoy!

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    How to make Madras Chicken Parotta

    1. Take a mixture bowl. Put the all-purpose flour into it and salt to taste. Knead it while gradually adding water to it until it turns into soft dough. Add oil to it.
    2. Set it aside to rest for the next 20 minutes.
    3. Put all boneless chicken into a non-stick pan, sprinkled with salt and pepper and cook until its tender.
    4. Pull out the steamed chicken into a separate bowl and batter it into small crumbs using a large spoon.
    5. Pour cooking oil into the non-stick pan.
    6. Add chopped onions into it with salt to taste and fry until they are golden brown.
    7. Add turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, cumin powder, coriander, chili powder, chopped chilies and the battered and crushed steamed chicken into the onions and continue to fry until the chicken and onion turn brown.
    8. Turn the heat off and mix fresh coriander leaves to the mixture well.
    9. Now examine the dough you had set aside. If it has inflated, it is ready. Make 12 small balls from the dough.
    10. Take one ball, flatten it out on a smooth surface sprinkled with wheat flour and put some fried chicken in the centre of it. Then wrap it back into a ball allowing the fried chicken to settle in with the dough. Place the dough ball back on the smooth platform and roll it into a round parotta.
    11. Heat one tablespoon oil in a pan and place the parotta in it to fry. After a couple of minutes as the parotta swells up, flip it to cook the other side and let this one swell too before pulling out. Do the same to the rest of the balls.
    12. Enjoy the madras chicken parotta with your favorite sauces!


    A Parotta is known by several names such as Paratha in India, Roti Prata in Singapore where it is the signature dish. In Malaysia it is known as Roti Canai.

    Chicken is not the only ingredient that can be used as stuffing inside it. Possible substitutes are for people who prefer vegetarian diet, vegetables like potatoes (aloo), cabbage (gobi) and fenugreek leaves (methi) for stuffing inside the Parotta.

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