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Jerusalem Artichoke juice

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Jerusalem Artichoke juice

  • Veg
    • 15 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    Jerusalem artichokes (or sunchokes as they are called affectionately) are your best friend if you want the same delicious potato taste without the guilt!

    They are not even remotely similar to regular artichokes that are grown in the USA, their taste is quite different.

    It is a root vegetable that has become increasingly popular these days due to its many health benefits. It can be cooked, baked, fried and even juiced. It is high in fiber and has a nutty flavor that is perfect for salads and casseroles alike.

    Health benefits

    Add this amazing juice to your list of fresh and organic tonics and juices and see great results for your overall health. This juice contains so nutrients that will provide you with the nourishment your body needs for its daily requirement. This juice is low in calories and high in fiber therefore it is great as a digestive aid as well.

    The carrots provide you with beta-carotene (Vitamin A) which is great for the eyes and skin. It fights free radicals and prevents aging.

    Cucumbers are rich in vitamins A, C and K and are abundant in antioxidants as well.

    Ginger has anti-inflammatory properties and prevents motion sickness.

    Jerusalem artichokes lower blood sugar, cleanse the body of toxins, control cholesterol and are a high source of protein and fiber. Therefore this juice should be part of your daily diet. Drink it regularly for a month to see better results.

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    How to Make Jerusalem Artichoke juice

    1. Using an electric juicer, add all the produce one at a time and mix well. Serve within 2 hours of juicing for maximum benefits.
    2. Alternately, you can combine all these ingredients in a blender to have a thick creamy smoothie. Add ½ cup water to make it runnier if it’s too thick for your taste.
    3. A pinch of pink Himalayan salt, 1 whole lemon’s juice and a dash of ground black pepper will enhance its flavor quite a bit as well.


    • Jerusalem artichokes are neither from Jerusalem nor are they even classified as artichokes. The name of this tuber is still a mystery. People also call it sunchoke so if you happen to ask for this vegetable and they don’t understand you, just say sunchoke and their confusion will be gone.
    • They can be used in place of potatoes and are considered an excellent substitute and a healthier option because of their high fiber, low carb and low starch content. They have more moisture than potatoes that is why the cooking times can differ.
    • They are available all year round.
    • They look like ginger, smell nutty and taste like potatoes.
    • They are grown in different parts of North America and were first cultivated by the native Americans.

    Jerusalem artichokes are known as the potatoes for diabetics as they have very low carbohydrate content and they break down insulin and glucose differently than other root vegetables.

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