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Italian Fig Cookies

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Italian Fig Cookies

  • Sweet
  • 57 mins
  • Serves 36
  • Medium


  • Cookie Dough :

  • Filling :

  • Icing :

How to Make Italian Fig Cookies

For Cookie Dough

  1. Sift flour, baking powder, and salt into a large bowl.
  2. Add sugar and stir well.
  3. Cut in the shortening with a fork or pastry blender.
  4. Work the mixture until it looks like corn meal.
  5. In a bowl, beat egg, vanilla and milk together.
  6. Add the egg mixture to the flour mixture and blend with an electric mixer till dough turns soft.
  7. Divide the dough into four pieces and wrap each piece with plastic wrap.
  8. Refrigerate dough for 45 minutes.

For the Filling

  1. Grind figs, dates, and raisins in a food processor until coarse.
  2. Place chopped figs, dates, and raisins in a bowl.
  3. Add remaining filling ingredients and mix well until the mixture turns thick.
  4. Set mixture aside.
  5. Preheat oven to 375°F.

Note: Work with one piece of dough at a time, leaving the other pieces of dough in the refrigerator until needed.

  1. Roll the dough to a 12-inch square on a floured surface.
  2. Cut dough into 2 x 3 in rectangles.
  3. Spoon about 1 tsp of filling onto each rectangle.
  4. Carefully fold the long edges over to meet in the center and pinch to seal the seam.
  5. Place each cookie on a baking sheet - seam side down.

Note: Make sure you leave at least 1-2 inches between each cookie.

  1. Make 2 or 3 diagonal slits on the top of each cookie with a sharp knife.
  2. Bake for about 12-15 minutes until the cookies turn a golden color.
  3. Remove from oven and transfer cookies to a wire rack to cool.

For Icing

  1. Pace confectioner's sugar in a bowl.
  2. Add just a little water or milk, until you get a smooth consistency.

Note: Do not let mixture turnrunny.

  1. Ice the tops of each cookie and sprinkle with colored sprinkle.
  2. Let icing dry completely before stacking
  3. Store in air-tight containers up to 2 weeks.


The Italian name for these cookies is Cucidati.

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