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Great Garlic Bread

  • Veg
  • 25 mins
  • Serves 8
  • Easy



Baking a batch of Great Garlic Bread is tricky. It should neither be too greasy, nor too dry.

Fortunately, we have a recipe through which you can prepare one at home without running through the town, hunting for one in bakeries. Baking this garlic bread at home will fill your house with a mouth-watering aroma which would serve as a teaser for what’s about to come!

Health Benefits:

Garlic has antibacterial properties and helps with various health problems including skin troubles. Eating garlic before meals helps with better digestion and keeps the cholesterol balanced.

Garlic Bread is perfect for those dieting days when hunger is pulling at your stomach but you can’t eat anything for fear of piling up on unwanted calories.

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How to Make Great Garlic Bread

  1. Begin by preheating the oven at 350°
  2. Using mortar and pestle, mix garlic and ¼ teaspoon of salt and make a minced paste of it. Add this paste in a small bowl, along with butter, and oil and stir until a smooth paste is created. Add parsley in the garlic paste and stir.
  3. Slice a 1-inch thick diagonal cut in the Italian bread without reaching till the bottom. In this opening, spread the garlic paste.
  4. Wrap the loaf in an aluminum foil and place it in the preheated oven. Let it bake for 15 minutes. Then unwrap the foil and bake for 5 more minutes.
  5. Let it cool on a rack before serving the deliciously baked Great Garlic Bread.


  • One of the peasant foods in the times of ancient Romans included bread rubbed with olive oil and garlic cloves. Today, this food has evolved into garlic bread.
  • Bruschetta is a more common name of Italian Gallic bread and often served as a starter in restaurants before Italian food.
  • The reason garlic is always minced before adding it in food is because mincing the garlic releases its full potential.

19th April is the national garlic day in United Stared of America.

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