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Ginger Chicken

  • Non Veg
  • Spicy
    • 50 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Medium


    How to make Ginger Chicken

    1. Cut each skinless chicken thigh into 3 large chunks.
    2. Plunk the chunks into a large bowl with the garlic, ginger, half the coriander, lime juice, chilli powder, and 1 tbsp sunflower oil.
    3. Stir everything together and cover with a lid to marinate.
    4. Put in the refrigerator until finally ready to cook.

    Note: To get the best flavor, the best time to do this is in the morning, or the previous night.

    1. Peel and quarter the onions.
    2. Chop onions finely in food processor.

    Note: The onions for a curry need to be really fine.

    1. In a large frying pan or wok, heat the remaining sunflower oil and then add onions.
    2. Stir-fry for 8 minutes until softened.
    3. Stir in turmeric and let it cook for 1 minute more, stirring continuously.
    4. Pour in the marinated chicken mixture and cook over high flame until the color of the chicken changes.
    5. Tip in the coconut milk then add the stock and chilli.
    6. Cover with the lid and simmer for about 20 minutes, or until chicken becomes tender.
    7. Tip in the rest of the coriander and stir.
    8. Your delicious Ginger Chicken meal is finally ready to eat. You can serve with mango chutney, pilau rice, and some naan bread or poppadoms. 

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    Ginger can be planted and cultivated throughout the year. However, early spring and the end of winter is the most suitable time to plant them.


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