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Cream cheese

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Cream cheese

  • Sweet
    • 25 mins
    • Serves 1
    • Easy



    Cheese is a dairy item that has became a staple item in several cuisines around the world due to the complementary nature. It has the ability to add flavor and creaminess to any dish. Whether it’s something savory like a steak or as sweet as a cake, cream cheese can just about compliment any food item and enhance its flavors as well as the taste.

    Health benefits:

    • Cream cheese has lower cholesterol and fats than regular butter.
    • It is also rich in essential fats that are necessary to strengthen the heart muscles.
    • It is a rich source of protein and carbohydrates.

    It also has a much lower calories count than either butter or regular cheese.

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    How to Make Cream cheese

    • Make sure you line at least 6 layers of cheesecloth over a bowl.
    • Let the sides of the cheesecloth hang from the sides of the bowl.
    • Pour in the yogurt.
    • Tie the bundle tightly and hang it inside the bowl.
    • Let it drain for about 24 hours inside the refrigerator.
    • Keep checking the liquid level; keep removing constantly if it starts exceeding the edges of the bowl.
    • Unwrap the cheesecloth and place the cream cheese in a bowl.
    • Sprinkle it with salt and keep mixing until smoothness and consistency is achieved.
    • Take a different bowl and add 4 thin layers of cheesecloth.
    • Smooth the top of the cream cheese.
    • Make sure you have the cheese properly wrapped up using a plastic wrap.
    • Take a heavy object and use it to press down upon one side of the cream cheese wrapped up.
    • Refrigerate the press for about 2 days.
    • Carefully unwrap it after 2 days.
    • Serve it or keep in inside the plastic wrap to store for later.
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