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Chilled Cream Chocolate and Coffee

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Chilled Cream Chocolate and Coffee

  • Vegan
    • 5 mins
    • Serves 3
    • Easy



    We know that your love for coffee is never-ending. But what to do if it’s a hot sunny day and you want to consume something that is cold, but still fulfills your coffee craving?

    Well, then this chilled cream chocolate and coffee recipe we have for you is here to quench your thirst.

    Health Benefits

    Coffee has a large number of benefits which includes preventing diabetes, liver cancer, and other diseases like Parkinson’s disease. Chocolate is also great for potential cancer prevention, elimination of disease-causing free radicals and improvement of heart health. This drink includes both these ingredients but because of other ingredients also included, it is recommended to consume it in moderation.

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    How to Make Chilled Cream Chocolate and Coffee

    • Break chocolate into small pieces and put it in a bowl
    • Melt it on a double boiler or keep it in the oven on high for one minute for it to melt completely
    • Add one cup of milk and sugar in it and whisk until everything mixes well
    • Now add coffee powder to it either directly or dissolved in hot water and mix everything with the help of a whisk to obtain a shiny mixture
    • Pour this mixture into a blender, add remaining cups of milk and blend until everything is smooth
    • Put some ice cubes and ½ cup whipped cream and blend again until the ice has crushed properly
    • Pour the mixture into glasses and add the remaining whipped cream on top of it
    • Add some chocolate chips or chocolate shavings on top of the cream for garnish and sprinkle some instant coffee.
    • Serve once it is chilled


    • International Coffee day would be celebrated worldwide on October 1st, 2018.
    • Coffee plant and its beans were first discovered in Ethiopia in the 11th century
    • World Chocolate Day, also referred as International Chocolate Day, is celebrated worldwide on 7th of July.

    Chocolate, when discovered 4000 years ago, was served as a bitter beverage with other spices to give the drinker strength and energy.

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