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Cherry Pepper Poppers

  • Veg
  • 40 mins
  • Serves 6
  • Easy



Forget about the typical ripe tomatoes of the summertime and start thinking about stuffing cherry peppers! Why? Because this is the season to experiment with not-so-ordinary food ingredients, so you can change them into something exceptional. The heat of these cherry peppers ranges from mellow to fiery, but luckily; it does not equal the spiciness of jalapenos. A little secret, the ripe red ones are sweeter than the others are.

Here is the recipe that will allow you to make delicious!

Health benefits

Believe it or not, cherry peppers (and other peppers) have health benefits. These benefits include better digestion, an improvement in blood circulation, they lower cholesterol levels, and they aid in preventing cancer. Moreover, they help in losing weight as well, and improve the health of your heart.

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How to Make Cherry Pepper Poppers

  1. With a paring knife, begin to trim off the tops of the peppers and take their centers off (including the veins and seeds).
  2. In a jar (it must be big enough to hold the cherry peppers), you will need to add the vinegars and the salt. Start mixing until the salt has properly dissolved. Then you can add the oil, herbs, and garlic.
  3. Now, cut the cheese into cubes that can easily fit inside the peppers. Wrap the cheese cubes in prosciutto and stuff them into the peppers. Drop the stuffed cherry peppers in the jar. If the dressing does not cover the peppers, you can add more oil to it.
  4. Cover the jar and shake it properly. Place it in the refrigerator overnight before you serve them.
  5. When serving, take the peppers out of the jar and place them on a plate. Serve these as an appetizer or side to any dish. 


  • Cherry peppers are the most underrated peppers.
  • When cherry peppers are ripe, they are just as red and big as cherry tomatoes, which is why they often get confused as cherry tomatoes.

On the eastern side, many different dishes contain these cherry peppers because of the heat they add.

Amanda Russo

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