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Chepala Iguru

  • Non Veg
  • 30 mins
  • Serves 3
  • Easy


  • For the Marinade :


Chepala Iguru, for those who haven’t tried it yet, is an amazing mixture of rich gravy filled with hot spices and amazing mouthwatering flavors. The luscious dish is full of amazing Indian spices that complement the taste of the fish to make a brilliant amalgamation of flavors. The delicious dish is perfect for any lunch-time or dinner-time meal and can be served with chapatti or steamed rice.

Health Benefits

Fish curry has many health benefits, which include:

  • Anti-inflammatory effects inside your body.
  • Help with the smooth processing of issues within the brain. Better mental health.
  • Improved cardiovascular health, especially for those suffering from issues with blood circulation or pressure.
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How to Make Chepala Iguru

  1. Start the process by getting the fish and marinating it with turmeric powder, chili powder and salt.
  2. Once marinated, keep the fish inside a refrigerator for half an hour, preferably.
  3. Once the fish has been marinated, prepare a pan and pour the oil into it.
  4. Put the pieces of fish inside the pan and fry them in the pan.
  5. Only take out the fish once you’re sure that it has turned golden brown and crispy.
  6. Add ginger, dry powders, tomato and salt. Fry the ingredients till the oil separates.
  7. Add water to the mixture, and bring it to a boil.
  8. Add the fried fish to the concoction and boil for roughly about 7 minutes.
  9. Garnish with salt and coriander leaves.
  10. Serve hot.


Asthma is a common disease that many children suffer from while growing. It has been found out that consuming fish can save many children from the risk of asthma.

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