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Banana Foster

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Nutritional information

585.3 Kcal
81.8 g
19.2 g
96.8 g
59.5 mg
3.8 g

Banana Foster

  • Sweet
    • 20 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    Banana Foster is one of the most famous banana desserts in the world. With its origins based in the Creole cuisine, the dish was created in New Orleans, Louisiana.

    The dessert is prepared by caramelizing bananas in a rum, banana liqueur and brown sugar, served over a bed of cold vanilla ice cream. You can make this easy recipe for a quick and delicious dessert, which will please kids and adults alike.

    Health Benefits

    Bananas are one of the most nutritionally loaded fruits and are called a super fruit because of high potassium content. Besides potassium bananas have various nutrients like vitamin B6, riboflavin, niacin, manganese, calcium, folate and other minerals and vitamins. Although bananas are healthy on their own, it is not advised that you consumed a dish like banana foster in large quantities.

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    How to Make Banana Foster

    1. Peel the bananas and cut them in half lengthwise, then half each piece of banana.
    2. Add brown sugar, butter and cinnamon in a flambé pan or a large skillet. Stir everything together using a whisk or wooden spoon.
    3. Place the pan either on top of a stovetop or an alcohol burner over low heat.
    4. Cook the mixture until the sugar dissolves completely, stirring constantly to avoid burning
    5. Pour in the banana liqueur into the pan and stir.
    6. Place the banana quarters into the liqueur and cook them until they soften and begin to brown.
    7. Carefully pour in the rum and cook the sauce until it is heated through.
    8. Gently tip the pan slightly over the flame to ignite the rum. Or use a long matchstick. (Be careful with the flambé and don’t do it underneath a wooden overhead.
    9. When the flames blow out, let the bananas sit in the pan.
    10. Meanwhile, spoon one scoop of ice cream into a bowl.
    11. Add the 4 banana quarters on top of each portion of ice cream.
    12. Spoon a liberal amount of the liqueur sauce over the ice cream and serve immediately.


    • Banana foster was invented by Chef Paul Blangé in 1951 as an answer to a challenge put forward by Owen Edward Brennan to include bananas in a new dessert dish. The dish was then named after Richard Foster, owner of the Foster Awning Company, who was a friend of Owen and served with him on the New Orleans Crime Commission.

    Did you know that the modern take on flambéing became popular in the 19th century? It became well known from an English Christmas Pudding described in one of Charles Dickens’s novels in 1843.

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