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  • Non Veg
    • 5 hrs
    • Serves 20
    • Hard


    How to Make Turducken

    For Removing Bone

    1. Start with the smallest bird.
    2. Take the chicken and place it on the cutting board in a way that its spine is facing you.
    3. Take a sharp knife and start slicing beside the spine of the chicken.
    4. Make sure that the skin on the chicken breast is not cut while you are removing bones.
    5. When you reach the wing joint, cut it off and remove the joint. In the same manner when you reach the leg joint, cut it off as well and remove the drum stick.
    6. Remove the entire ribcage of the chicken leaving out as much flesh as possible.
    7. Open up the chicken properly for the stuffing.
    8. Repeat the same de-boning process with the duck and turkey except only remove the leg bones of the turnkey and not the whole legs. Remove its wings as well.

    For Seasoning

    1. Take a large mixing bowl.
    2. Add butter, salt, freshly ground black pepper, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, lemon zest, garlic paste, lemon juice and cornbread crumbs into the bowl.
    3. Mix it up well and form the batter that needs to go inside the Turkey for engastration.

    For Engastration

    1. Lay the Turkey on the Kitchen platform.
    2. Stuff some of the batter into the areas where the turnkey legs and other bones are missing.
    3. Lay the opened up duck on top of that stuffing.
    4. Lay out another layer of stuffing on top of the duck.
    5. On top of that layer, place the opened up chicken.
    6. Stuff the boneless areas of the chicken with the prepared stuffing.
    7. Close the Turkey and stitch it up so it can regain its original Turkey shape.
    8. Add some of the stuffing inside the outer skin of the turkey but do it carefully without cutting the skin and allowing the stuffing to escape.
    9. Once, done with that, cover the top of the Turkey with stuffing as well.

    For Roasting

    1. Place the Turkey in the Turkey dish.
    2. Drizzle at least 6 to 8 tablespoons of olive oil on top of it.
    3. Put it in the oven at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for at least 8 to 9 hours.
    4. Roasting time can be calculated based on the scale of 20 minutes of roasting per pound.
    5. In between, check every hour or so and use a spoon to ladle the olive oil in the Turkey dish on top of the Turkey until the end of the 8 hours it needs to cook.
    6. Pull the prepared Turkey out of the oven on Christmas morning.
    7. Heat up 45 minutes before you serve it at your Christmas dinner!
    8. Enjoy!


    • Turducken is truly the best form of Engastration as it contains 3 birds in one dish. A turkey is stuffed with a duck which is stuffed with a chicken. Hence, 3 birds in one platter!

    Although, it doesn’t show in presentation but a Turducken is a completely boneless dish!

    Leya Abbas

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