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  • Sweet
    • 10 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    The screwdriver is a widely-known highball potable that is alcoholic.

    This simple blend of orange juice and vodka allegedly obtains its appellation from the unusual instrument employed to mix the beverage – a screwdriver. If you use a spoon to stir, you will get just as good results.

    Even though it is a simple drink, the cocktail is a no less invigorating cocktail prepared by mixing vodka with orange juice over some ice.

    Although basically the potable is just the dual ingredients, several variations exist; the one that is most common comprise one portion of any sort of orange soda, one portion orange juice, and one portion vodka.

    Several of the variants have dissimilar names in diverse places across the planet. This cocktail – the screwdriver is properly designated by the international association of bartenders.

    The screwdriver is a wonderful quick beverage at home any time you are exhausted for something not so simple and it is an excellent party pre-mixer as well. What is more?! It also has Ascorbic acid which is otherwise known as Vitamin C.Pack some Screwdriver cocktail in a smart thermos from Vaya and have on the go!

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    How to make Screwdriver cocktail

    The preparation of this beverage should not last more than 3 minutes. Given that the recipe is quite familiar and simple, I will offer some tips that will help you in making the best screwdriver cocktail.

    1. Use ice to fill a drinkware (usually highball).
    2. Pour in the orange juice and vodka.
    3. Add a pinch of salt. (Optional)
    4. Garnish it with a maraschino cherry slice or an orange slice. (Optional)

    Online, a majority of the recipe do not consider the pinch of salt as required but it is useful. The pinch of salt reduces the vodka’s burning flavour and smoothens the uneven edges of the acidity of the orange juice.

    Also, given the simplicity of this drink, it is important the ingredients are of good quality. The ease of going down of your Screwdriver is a function of the smoothness of your vodka. Avoid orange juice that is pulpy. Go with freshly squeezed orange juice or one of a quality brand. 


    A screwdriver cocktail can go with any food a typical orange juice will go with. It is tasty with strong-flavoured salty snacks and even smoked foods.

    Screwdriver cocktails vary in name according to the constituting ingredients. Examples of such names are “Harvey Wallbanger”, “Sonic Screwdriver”, etc.


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