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Pasta de Sardine

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Pasta de Sardine

  • Veg
  • 25 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy



This is one of those Italian dishes that combine two different aspects of its cuisines and succeeds at it. A mixture of the classic Italian pasta and smoked Sardines, it creates a dish that is fit for consumption at any occasion without much hassle. People can enjoy this dish without worrying about the time it would take to prepare or the ingredients.

It can be easily prepared using ingredients that are usually present in any household.

Health benefits:

  • Pasta is really good for sustained energy.
  • It’s a wonderful source of glucose.
  • It has essential fats for the muscles and the brain.
  • It is rich with folic acid.
  • It contains Vitamin A.
  • It’s low on Sodium and is cholesterol free.
  • It includes iron and Vitamin B.
  • It is also quite rich in Fiber.
  • It has a low Glycemic Index (GI)
  • It is good for those on a diet.
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How to Make Pasta de Sardine

  • Use a large pot of water and bring it to a boil.
  • Add salt to it.
  • Once it’s simmering, add pasta and continue cooking for 8 minutes.
  • Once it’s tender, set aside.
  • Heat olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.
  • Add onions and cook until soft.
  • Add some garlic until it’s fragrant.
  • Stir the sardines in that sauce.
  • When sardines are properly cooked reduce heat to low.
  • Simmer until pasta is al dente.
  • When it’s done, drain the pasta and add it to the sauce.
  • Stir and cover.
  • Turn off the heat.
  • Squeeze lemon juice over the pasta.
  • Set aside to lay at room temperature.
  • Top it off with Parmesan cheese.


  • It’s a staple item in most Italian dishes.
  • The first literal reference to pasta is in an 1154 book.
  • Pasta has two categories, fry and fresh.
  • There are 600 different types of pasta.
  • Macaroni, penne and spaghetti are the most popular pasta types.
  • Fresh pasta is mostly served with meat such as ravioli.
  • Properly cooked pasta should be really sticky.

The method of cooking pasta is known as al dente.

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