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Lemon Zest and Blueberry Pancake

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Adjust Servings:
1 cup - all-purpose flour
1 tbsp - sugar
1 - egg
¾ cup - milk
1 tbsp - baking powder
2 tbsp - vegetable oil
½ tbsp - salt
1 tbsp - lemon Juice
2 tsp - lemon zest
½ cup - fresh blueberries

Nutritional information

142.62 g
24.08 g
39.71 g
3625 mg
328 mg

Lemon Zest and Blueberry Pancake

  • Veg
    • 45 mins
    • Serves 8
    • Easy



    With the combination of Blueberries’ sweetness and citrus’ tanginess, this pancake is the perfect recipe you’ve been looking for. Though pancakes being mildly sweet are topped up with sweet syrup, this pancake recipe will give you pancake goals! You can whip it up for a regular breakfast routine, but it is also perfect when you are organizing a brunch and looking for something special to add to your menu. Your family will love you for introducing them to this yummy recipe. Here is how you can make these gorgeous Pancakes!

    Health Benefits

    Blueberries and Lemons are a great sources of nutrients. Blueberries contain fiber, vitamin c, vitamin k, and manganese, all of which are the essential nutrients for the body. They are called the king of all the antioxidant foods. They contain an antioxidant called Flavonoids which is excellent a preventing certain kinds of cancers and protects the body from DNA damage.

    Lemons improve hydration considerably. Lemons which are extremely rich in vitamin C can reduce risks of stroke, low blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

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    How to make Lemon Zest and Blueberry Pancake

    • Beat the egg until it is fluffy and frothy. Now add the flour, sugar, milk, baking powder, vegetable oil, salt, lemon juice, and lemon zest. Beat the mixture until smooth. Now add the blueberries to the mixture.
    • Heat the pan and grease. Pour the batter onto the pan.
    • Bake the pancakes until dry and puffy around the edges.
    • Keep turning the pancakes until lightly brown on both sides.
    • Additionally, you can garnish the pancakes with blueberries and little lemon zest.


    • Blueberries were once used as dyes and paints. Blueberries are the official state fruit of New Jersey. The U.S. is the largest producer of blueberries being the world’s 90% producer of blueberries.
    • Lemons are originated from Asia. Lemons are a hybrid between a citron and a sour orange! The leaves from lemon trees can actually be used to make tea.

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