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Croque Monsieur Chaource

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Croque Monsieur Chaource

  • Non Veg
  • 30 mins
  • Serves 2
  • Easy



This dish is perfect for the times when you feel too lazy to prepare a full course meal and just want to enjoy something light yet fulfilling. The mild, yet tasty, dish is the perfect food to make when you snack or are on the go.

It will also work well as lunch for you and your kids. Due to the low amount of time that it takes to prepare, the Croque Monsieur Chaource should be the meal many office goers or travelers can rely on.

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How to Make Croque Monsieur Chaource

  • Take one slice of bread and add a slice of chaource to it.
  • Then add the chicken breast and another slice chaource.
  • Put the shredded comte, parmesan, or mozzarella cheese on it and then add another slice of bread.
  • Add a knob of butter on both the slices of bread, whichever will come in contact with the croque monsieur machine.
  • Heat them in the machine till it browns. Take it out, let it cool for a minute or two, and then serve.


Did you know?

  • It takes 9 seconds for a combine to harvest enough that it could produce up to 70 loaves of bread.
  • Bread has been closely related to religion and kinship. The hot cross buns tend to celebrate lent and Good Friday, the Greek Easter bread gets set with eggs that are dyed red to give the impression of the blood of the Christ, the Jews celebrate the coming of Sabbath on Friday evening with Challah.
  • Napolean is to be credited with giving the common bread its name that we know today. When he demands a loaf of dark rye bread during the Prussian invasion he said “Pain pour Nicole” which actually meant “Bread for Nicole”, with Nicole being the name of his horse. The Germanic speakers mistakingly thought he said “pumpernickel” which eventually caught on and became the term that we use for the traditional loaf of bread today.

Amanda Russo

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