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Corn Dog

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Nutritional information

318 kcal
22.9 g
19.2 g
8.6 g
43 mg
776 mg

Corn Dog

  • Non Veg
    • 40 mins
    • Serves 16
    • Easy


    How to Make Corn Dog

    • Take a medium-sized clean dry bowl and add the all-purpose flour, cornmeal, sugar, baking powder, salt, and pepper. Mix these dry ingredients together.
    • Take a separate bowl and beat one egg, both yolk and white combined, and then add milk to it.
    • Pour this egg/milk mixture into the dry mix ingredients and still them together until they are combined well.
    • In a medium or large sized deep pot and pour the vegetable oil into it. Heat the oil and once it is hot enough turn heat to medium.
    • Remove the packaging of the hot dogs. Pat dry them with the help of a paper towel and insert a wooden skewer in each one of them.
    • Take a tall drinking glass and pour the batter into it. Now put one hot dog at a time in this glass to coat it properly from top to bottom. Once covered completely take it out of the glass and place it in the hot oil. Fry 2 to 3 frankfurters or as much space is available in the pot, at a time for 2 to 3 minutes or until they become lightly browned on all sides.
    • Take them out and place on a plate lined with paper towel to drain the excess oil, and keep repeating the process until all frankfurters are cooked.
    • Serve with condiments of your choice along with fries or crispy onion rings to enjoy a feast!


    • The invention of corn dog was first patented in 1927 by Stanley S. Jenkins of Buffalo, New York

    National Corn Dog day was celebrated this year on March 19.

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