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Calamari Fritters

  • Veg
    • 30 mins
    • Serves 6
    • Easy


    • For Chili Mayo :


    Calamari fritters are basically squid rings, wonderfully coated in deep fried flour based batter. The dish is unique in taste and is easy to make. The taste of these calamari fritters is true to the image of the dish, and you will be left licking your fingertips once you try this dish for the first time. These calamari fritters can be enjoyed as an appetizer during lunch and dinnertime. The addition of these fritters to your dinner and lunchtime meals makes the whole experience a wholesome one that you won’t forget.

    Health Benefits

    Apart from increasing the omega 3 fatty acid levels inside your body, squids used for calamari offer a lot more benefits as well. These benefits include an increase in vitamin levels, an increase in calcium levels and the supply of minerals to your body.

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    How to Make Calamari Fritters

    • Take out the flour, and season it with pepper, paprika powder and salt.
    • Once the flour is ready, take out the squids and mix them with the flour.
    • Make sure that the squids are properly coated, and that you wipe out any excess flour on the exterior.
    • Take out a deep fryer and have the squids fried inside it.
    • Take 2 minutes to fry every squid, and ensure that they are properly fried.
    • Serve the dish alongside chili mayo for taste and dipping purposes.

    For Chili Mayo

    • Mix the capers with mayonnaise, red chili, lemon juice and gherkins and give the ingredients a good stir.
    • Season the mixture with some paprika powder, preferably a pinch of it.


    Calamari, which is an Italian name given to the term squid, has become the name used for the dish across the world. The dish is used as a source of appetizer across many restaurants and is becoming a global phenomenon due to the brilliant taste.

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