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Nut Milkshake

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Adjust Servings:
10 almonds
10 cashews
10 Pistachios
10 Walnuts
3 tsp ice cubes
31/2 tsp Sugar
ice cubes

Nut Milkshake

  • Veg
  • 15 mins
  • Serves 1
  • Easy



A nut milkshake is a combination of assorted ground nuts, milk, and sugar. It makes a quick breakfast replacement or an in-between meal snack.

Health Benefits

  1. This milkshake is very rich in nutrients that can help you to manage your weight.
  2. Almonds are high in monounsaturated fats which is associated with the decreased risk of heart disease. Almonds is a potent nutrient for the control of blood sugar which can offer protection against diabetes.
  3. Walnut are a source of antioxidants. These antioxidants fight against cancer.
  4. The vitamins in walnuts are also very good for the skin and hair.
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How to Make Nut milkshake

  1. Soak the nuts in water for about 1 hour. Drain.
  2. Peel the almond skins. Grind all the nuts to a smooth paste.
  3. Add the nut paste, milk, sugar to a blender. Blend until smooth.
  4. Pour over ice in a glass.
  5. Serve immediately.


What we think of as nuts, including walnuts, almonds, pecans, cashews, and pistachios, in the United States are often called dry fruit in India.

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