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1 cup rice
1 tbsp red chilli powder
1 tbsp salt or more as per your taste
½ cup vegetable oil


  • Spicy
  • Easy



Hunger is based on instinct and often not our will, and hunger pangs happen without a warning; they can occur anytime, anywhere. Craving, on the other hand, is all about relishing the taste of a lip-smacking dish and not about quenching hunger. Such delicacies go beyond feeding our tummies; they feed our souls with heavenly pleasure. Cooking experts have tapped into the cravings of humans for centuries, and have conjured dishes that are a mélange of magical tastes and flavors, that delight not only our palettes, but also our souls!

One such snack is Kurkure; crispy crunchy, and as umami as it can get. Kurkure also serves as a wonderful garnishing to complement the tastes of a variety of dishes, from Kurkure corn kamal and Kurkure chaat to Kurkure kachori, and Kurkure paratha.

People of all ages, ranging from kids, adults and the elderly, love this snack more than any other. And when Kurkure can be made at home, the joy is doubled. Homemade Kurkure is healthier than its commercial counterpart, which is loaded with preservatives and artificial flavoring.

Health Benefits

Homemade Kurkure is perfect for people with a sensitive stomach. While preservatives and artificial coloring can cause damage to the stomach, liver, and kidneys, homemade Kurkure poses none of these threats.

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How to make Kurkure Recipe

  1. Boil the rice in a pan for about 15 minutes to make them soft and dry.
  2. Form a soft paste from the boiled rice in a mixer grinder.

Note: Avoid making a paste that is too thin. The paste should look like dough.

  1. Add salt and red chili power to the prepared paste and mix well.
  2. Pour the mixture in a plastic cone with a small hole at the tip. with an adequate hole. Press the cone so that rice mixture comes out in the form of thin strips, just like Kurkure crisps.
  3. Let strips dry out for about 2 days in sunlight.
  4. Once they get dried completely, you can get them fried whenever required. 


Kurkure is one of the most popular snacks of all the time that defines the idea of a light-hearted eatable that not only satisfies your hunger but also makes you enjoy the delightful taste of crisp and crunch. The brand Kurkure is introduced by Pepsico India and this snack is prepared entirely in India.


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