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Chicken with Couscous

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Chicken with Couscous

  • Non Veg
    • 45 mins
    • Serves 4
    • Easy



    The dish is a delicious stew made with a whole bunch of vegetables and some exotic spices and served over couscous. If you like your chicken spicy, you will love how the jalapenos bring in the heat that you cannot help but rave about for an entire day. The dish is super easy to make and will be ready in no more than 45 minutes. Give the recipe your own spin, reduce the jalapenos if your kids cannot handle the heat and use mild peppers instead

    Health Benefits

    • Couscous is easily the richest source of selenium which is an awesome antioxidant. Antioxidants are great for strengthening immunity.
    • Huge protein content in couscous helps in quickly healing wounds. The fiber content in couscous helps in maintaining the gut health.
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    How to make Chicken with Couscous

    • Bring the chicken broth to a boil in a saucepan and add the couscous while stirring.
    • Add 1½ tsp olive oil. Remove from the stove and allow it to stand covered for 10 minutes.
    • Add 1 tbsp olive oil in a skillet and cook over medium hit. Add the chicken and stir.
    • Sprinkle pepper and cook till the pink color disappears. Remove from skillet and keep aside.
    • Add the olive oil remaining in the skillet and cook over medium flame. Add jalapeno peppers and carrot— keep stirring.
    • Saute for 2 minutes. Add the green onions, zucchini, ginger, and ¼ cup of chicken broth.
    • Stir continuously for 5 minutes cooking until tender.
    • Add the remaining chicken broth in a bowl and sprinkle curry powder, cornstarch, and coriander.
    • Mix the vegetables into the broth and turn everything into the skillet again.
    • Cook for 2 minutes and stop when the chicken is completely coated and let it thicken. Add over the couscous and serve.


    • Prepared from whole wheat, couscous is a healthier alternative to pasta.
    • Couscous is a national dish across many countries and is the staple food of North Africa.

    Leya Abbas

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