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Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam/Garlic Rasam

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Adjust Servings:
1/4 cup arhar dal – cooked
20 g tamarind – soaked in 1 cup of hot water to extract the juice
2 tomatoes – ripe
20 cloves garlic – peeled
1 sprig curry leaves – roughly torn
salt to taste
1 tbsp + 1 tsp rasam powder
1/2 tsp whole black peppercorns
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp coriander seeds
For Tempering
1 tsp ghee
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1 pinch asafoetida
For Garnish
coriander leaves for garnish – roughly chopped

Nutritional information

50.45 g
7.15 g
2.05 g
29 mg
0 mg

Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam/Garlic Rasam

  • Veg
  • 20 mins
  • Serves 2
  • Easy


  • For Tempering

  • For Garnish


This recipe for Chettinad style poondu rasam is simply out of this world. It is packed to the brim with savory flavors; everything from Chettinad masala to pounded garlic and chilies. Rasam itself is a traditional Southern Indian soup that is prepared by utilizing the juice of particular vegetables and fruits. Rasam comes in a wide variety of different types, but almost all versions of rasam go heavy on the garlic, which is one of the reasons this dish is prized for its health benefits.

Health Benefits

Rasam is generally considered to be one of the healthier Indian dishes that a person can eat. This is mainly due to rasam’s use of various vegetables, herbs, and spices. All of the health benefits related to this rasam are amplified because they are delivered via the form of soup, which allows your body to absorb the nutrients more efficaciously. This version of rasam is especially healthy thanks to the garlic content which has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties.

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How to make Chettinad Style Poondu Rasam/Garlic Rasam

  • Cook the toor dal with 1 cup of water.
  • Pressure cook for 3-4 whistles.
    • Allow the pressure to release naturally.
  • Mash the dal well to make it smooth.
  • Combine the tamarind juice, two roughly chopped tomatoes, peeled garlic pods and curry leaves in a saucepan.
    • Cover and cook at a low temperature for 5-7 minutes.
    • Add 1 cup of water, rasam powder, and salt.
    • Let simmer over low flame for 10 minutes.
  • Add the cooked dal and continue to cook at a low temperature for one minute.
    • Note: Adjust the consistency of the rasam, by adding more water as needed
  • Crush the peppercorns, jeera and coriander seeds into a powder.
    • add the powder to the rasam.
    • Remove from heat when the rasam begins to froth on the sides and from the center.
  • Heat a tadka pan with ghee.
    • Temper using mustard seeds and a pinch of asafoetida.
  • Pour into the chettinad poondu rasam.
  • Garnish with fresh cilantro leaves and serve.


There are more than 200 variations of Rasam, each tasting as delicious as the other.

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