What is a Bluetooth Device Locator?

Bluetooth tracker

There are two kinds of people in the world, people that lose their things sometimes, and people that lose their things all the time. If you really boil it down, everyone is going to lose something that they don’t want to lose eventually. That’s just how the world works, and there’s no use crying over it. But there are some things we absolutely do not want to lose such as, wallets, passports, cell phones, laptops, air buds, etc. Electronic devices are annoying because they tend to be especially easy to lose or misplace, mostly because we’re obsessed with making them smaller and smaller, but they are also very expensive. No one wants to lose a device they invested about 25,000 rupees in to having.

While it is no guarantee that you will never lose your expensive and tiny device, there are methods to help you lessen the chances of doing so; it is called having a backup plan. Most of our devices have a prebuilt locator in them that pairs with another device. Your iPhone has the Find My Phone app which tracks all your apple devices for example. But these prebuilt programs tend to be limited to your devices last known location where it accessed a WIFI network. What happens if you leave your device on a bus, inside a cab, at a bar or in the woods? If you’re only relying on these programs, chances are you just lose it. That’s where device locators come in handy.

What are device locators?

A device locator is basically a tracking technology that can track the location of your device in real time. Like all forms of technology, some are better than others. These devices basically take two forms, internal and external. The internal devices tend to be limited and designed mostly to work with WIFI. If you really want to be able to track down your devices, the best solution is an external Bluetooth tracker.

Why a Bluetooth tracker?

A Bluetooth tracker is small device that you can attach to your device, normally in the form of a tag. Unlike most of the internal trackers, Bluetooth trackers are accessible without WIFI. Typically, any Bluetooth compatible device can track it down from a certain distance even without a WIFI network. Some of the better Bluetooth trackers also have the ability to interact with cellular towers, meaning you can track them down from great distances, and increase the possibility of recovering your device.

There are plenty of Bluetooth trackers to choose from, so make sure you find one that suits your needs the most. Look for battery life and coverage range as your two biggest deciding factors.

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