Here’s How You Can Stay Away from Stomach Infections this Rainy Season

stomach ache

The rains provide relief from the harsh summer months but also bring in a number of stomach diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis and food poisoning. Common stomach problems include nausea, upset stomach, cramps in the stomach, and vomiting. How to stay away from stomach diseases in the monsoons It is always advisable to eat hygienic food and avoid eating uncovered…

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7 Immunity Boosting Spices and Herbs You Need to have in Your Kitchen

indian spices

You don’t have to invest a lot of effort to give your food certain immune boost properties. There are lots of herbs and spices you can add to dishes to improve their medicinal health benefits with very little effort. Not only will your dishes be overall healthier, they will also taste better. If you haven’t been utilizing spices already, now…

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Healthy Choices: Know How Much Fat and Sugar is Good for Your Body

cheese and chocolate

Cheese and Chocolate are among the few ingredients that you cannot live without. Cheese is one of the main ingredients in dishes like sandwiches, pasta, etc. while chocolate is easily the favorite of kids and adults alike. Most processed foods like chips, chocolates, cereals, cookies, pastries, fried food contains both high fat and sugar content, which are very harmful for…

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