Fitness Trackers in India

fitness tracker

The majority of fitness trackers are in the form of a watch, which is great for quite a few fitness fanatics. But sometimes, you want to wear an actual watch because it suits your style. You may think you can’t have your cake and eat it too in this situation, and you’ll have to just bend and pick up a Fitbit, but there is a solution. There are  fitness trackers in the form of a ring instead of a watch, so you can wear your amazing watch collection and keep track of your fitness at the same time.

Fitness Trackers

There are devices to monitor sleep habits with the goal of making adjustments to get a better night sleep. But these devices have evolved way past the realm of a simple sleep trackers over the years to become a full-fledged fitness tracking device. Now these trackers can be used to track your heart rate, the number of steps you have walked apart from tracking your sleep quality.


The most noticeable aspect of the fitness trackers vailable in market is their design. The trackers are purposefully made to be inobtrusive and comfortable. Most devices are  super simple yet have a sleek look. Another impressive quality is how these trackers are extremely light weight, not weighing any more than an American penny.

Sleep tracker

There are also sleep trackers to track the wearer’s sleep so that they could isolate factors affecting their rest. The ring trackers automatically detect when you fall asleep and when you wake up without you having to take any action. The tracker monitors your resting heart rate and compares it to data that its collected over use to determine if you are actually asleep or simply resting laying down.

The wearer can monitor the results to determine if they are suffering from sleep apnea or isolate factors that may be disturbing their rest by averaging your daily and weekly sleep data.

Heartrate tracker

There are fitness trackers that track fitness not steps. A few of them come with a built in pedometer function that will tell you how many steps you’ve taken. But this is not nearly enough information if you’re concerned about fitness. Keeping track of your heartrate, while active and resting will give you a clearer picture of how fit you are, and even alert you to potential health problems. A high resting heart rate can be a sign that you are not getting enough blood flow and are at risk for heart disease or are suffering breathing problems for example.

Calorie tracker

It has never been easier to count your calories than with a fitness tracker! A fully funstional fitness tracker calculates your caloric intake for the day, so you can better plan and execute your fitness goals. A major factor for losing weight is counting calories and eating less calories than you burn. There are calorie trackers that not only track caloric intake, but also track how many calories you burn, making them the perfect tools for the job. These are handy too, just like all those Bluetooth key trackers everyone carries these days!

Overall, fitness trackers are especially fantastic for the lowkey person who doesn’t want to advertise their fitness obsession to the world at large. Thanks to the wide array of features, you will be able to tailor your fitness regimen to suit your daily life without any hiccups. Most trackers are compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, so there’s really no reason not to pick one up and start tracking your fitness journey!

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