7 Ayurvedic Tips to Drink Water !


It’s not just important to drink water, it’s also important to drink water properly. Below are some great Ayurvedic water drinking methods.

1. Sit Down to Drink Water Rather than Standing

It is better to sit and drink water versus standing and drinking it. When you drink water whilst standing you actually disrupt the balance of your body’s fluids which can lead to fluid accumulating in your joints and cause arthritis. When you sit and drink from your water bottle, your muscles and nervous system are relaxed and you can digest the fluids easier. Your kidneys are also able to better regulate the filtration process.

2. Avoid Chugging All the Water at Once

Do not drink your entire bottle all at once. You want to regulate your intake and sip on it. Slowly drink and absorb the water throughout the day. Water must be consumed in accordance with the three doshain – kapha, vata, and pitta. Each dosha has its own recommendation for drinking water.

3. Drink Room Temperature water, Warm is Even Better

Drinking ice cold or chilled water actually disturbs the digestion process and extinguishes your inner fire. Cold water reduces the blood supply to different organs of the body and can lead to constipation. Room temperature water can help maintain proper digest and boost your metabolism. It also helps to keep your arteries clean.

4. Drink Only When You are Thirsty

Ayurveda teaches that you should only drink water when you are thirsty; thirsty being the point that your body sends actual signals that it needs water. This is because every person’s body is different, so there is no set amount of daily water intake. The body can only absorb a certain amount of water, so it is important to know your limits.

5. Know the Indicators your Body Gives You When You are Thirsty

If you’re going to drink only when you’re thirsty, it is important to know and recognize your body’s signals that it is thirsty. This isn’t just the parch you feel in your throat. It also includes other indicators, like the color of your urine – if it is a shade of yellow it is a god sign that you’re not properly hydrated. Paying attention to these cues is the key to staying properly hydrated.

6. Drink Water First Thing in the Morning

You should drink water right when you wake up to flush the toxins from your body and cleanse your intestines.

7. Drink Water Stored in Silver and Copper Vessels

Storing water in silver or copper vessels helps you to balance all three doshas in the body because it positively charges the water.

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