Burn More Calories Sleeping – Diet Tips that Help you Sleep Better and Burn more Fat!

burn more calories

Many people are focused on successfully burning calories and losing weight. We know the traditional methods – proper diet and exercise. These are naturally great things to do and can have a tremendous effect on your body and overall health. But for those people who are very committed to maximizing their weight loss potential, it is also possible to lose…

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Overcoming Protein Deficiency – Protein Rich Foods to Include in Your Diet Every Day!


Indians are prone than most to suffer from protein deficiency. This is primarily due to the vegetarian diet that many Indian people subscribe to. While there are great reasons for going veggie, one of the bigger ones being that it’s healthy, it’s important to make sure that your diet is balanced. You need protein in your life to keep your…

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How Milk Thistle Improves Immunity and Aids Digestion


Milk thistle, is known in the scientific community as Silybmommarianum, and in the lay community as Marian thistle, Scotch thistle, and Mediterranean thistle. It is an annual flowering plant that is marked by its distinctive coloring of reddish-purple flowers that is native to southern Europe but now spread across the entire world. Milk thistle gains its medicinal effects from the…

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