Walnuts, the must-eat superfood!

Easily available and simply delicious when eaten plain as a snack or used in your trail mix, fruit salads and cakes, walnuts are the healthiest in the nuts. Crunchy and a tad bit salty, the nuts are not just nutritious, but are loaded with impressive health benefits. The best part about walnuts is how you can add it to your salads, ice creams, milk shakes and even to your sandwiches or the best yet, plainly munch it on.

Heart healthy

Loaded with amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids and alpha linolenic acid, walnuts are not just delicious but are great for your heart health. As per research and studies, each and every single gram of ALA you consume lowers your heart disease risk by 10%.

Reduces Inflammation

With polyphenols, walnuts are great for fighting against inflammation. Inflammation is termed to be the root cause for many chronic diseases including diabetes and heart diseases.

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Aids in weight loss

Consuming walnuts everyday will curb your hunger pangs and basically control your appetite. As per a recent study, including walnuts in your diet everyday helps you resist calorie dense foods like French fries, pastry and even fatty foods like ice cream.

Improves Brain Function

Many studies have concluded that walnuts improve brain function. Reducing the inflammation in your brain, thus reducing the anxiety and improving better memory, you can definitely call walnuts the food for your brain.

Apart from the health benefits mentioned above, walnuts are great for improving the fat in your blood, for lowering blood pressure, for healthy aging and even reducing the risk of a few cancers. It’s not far from truth when someone says, nuts are the healthiest of foods you can ever consume, especially walnuts.

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