Key Finders of 2020

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There are several different types of key finders on the market which offer various features to help you keep track of your keys. Most work via Bluetooth and are tethered to your phone, but all of them have some type of wireless capacity and alarm or alert system. This article will review the best key finder for 2020.

What to Look for in a Key Finder

Battery Life

You want any key finder you purchase to have a relatively lengthy battery life. Most people aren’t going to think about their key finder until they need it, so you want to make sure it’s battery can last long enough so that the finder is still functional between key losses. Not only do you want a finder with a long battery, you also want it to alert you when the battery is low so that you can avoid having to deal with a defunct finder.

Alarm Sounds

A key finder is no good to you if it cannot alert you to your keys’ location. You want to purchase a key finder that has an alarm system loud enough to hear but not too loud that it becomes a nuisance. You may lose your key in other settings than your home after all. Therefore, it is important to make sure the alarm is audible but not too disrupting at the same time.


A key finder should be able to help you find your keys anywhere in your home or the immediate surrounding area. The minimum range for a good key finder is approximately 100 feet; many key finders have a range that extends far beyond that. The range can be considered the most important feature of a key finder, because the finder is useless if it cannot actually help you find your keys from a distance.


Many key finders consider this feature to be somewhat optional, but the better finders include it. You want your key finder to be tethered to your phone or some kind of location device so you can be alerted when you move too far away from your keys. This helps you to prevent you from leaving your keys in places outside your home like the office, taxis, or trains.

The Features Found in Key Finders of 2020

Key finders come with a small tag that can be attached to your key ring or tucked inside your wallet. Other features you can look for are –

  • Range that extends up to 100 feet.
  • Replaceable battery that can last for over a year (many key finder batteries are not replaceable or rechargeable).
  • Tethers to your smartphone and will alert you to when your keys are left behind.
  • Can be utilized by several smartphones so you can track the keys of family members.
  • Alarm with a distinct sound and volume, but not obtrusive or overbearing – won’t negatively impact hearing.

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