3 Kitchen Ingredients to Boost Hair Growth


Hair is important to people; It is only fair to say; many women and most men value it the most. Hair loss can be devastating. There are no guaranteed treatments to reverse hair loss, but here are certain foods that you can eat to ensure you are doing the most to keep your hair healthy.


These wonderful nuts are great foods to include in your diet in general – they are great sources of protein and fiber. The protein can help prevent your body from developing heart disease and regulate your appetite. But almonds also have a lot of magnesium which is great for keeping your nails and hair healthy. Magnesium can help alleviate stress which is a major factor in hair loss. A habit of eating a handful of almonds everyday can help boost hair growth, so make sure to store some in insulated food jars and keep them in your work desk as well.


Milk is a great source of vitamin D which research has shown has a correlation with hair loss. Women with thinning hair have been seen to have lower levels of vitamin D than women with healthy hair.


A major factor in maintain healthy and thick hair is having good blood flow. Blood is responsible for carrying all the necessary nutrients to the various parts of the body. When blood flow is low, your hair will be starved of proper nutrition. Lamb affects blood flow in a major way. It contains iron and zinc, two minerals responsible for actually producing blood cells. Zinc and iron do not appear naturally in the body; people have to supplement them with outside resources. Lamb also has keratin, a protein that is essential for hair cellular growth. While it is important to include red meat in your diet, make sure not to overeat because it contains fats that can be harmful if over consumed.

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