Fighting Cancer – Foods to Include in Your Diet for Faster Recovery

cancer cell

Cancer is a cluster of 100 various diseases. It is the uncontrolled growth and development of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer begins developing when the body’s standard mechanism ceases working. The old cells do not dwindle but rather grow out of control, forming these abnormal, new cells, these cells form a mass called “Tumors”. However, there are cancers like…

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Role of Turmeric and Curcumin in Preventing Stomach Cancer

Turmeric, that spice that makes curry look like curry (it is what grants curry its distinctive yellow hue) has been classified as a superfood as of late. All kinds of turmeric products are popping up all over the place: turmeric smoothies, turmeric supplements, turmeric tonics, etc. This isn’t just due to turmeric’s unique taste. It is primarily because recent studies…

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