Can Coffee Cause Acne?


Coffee is an addictive drink, and most people cannot start their day without a fresh, steaming cup of coffee. While black coffee is famous, some folks also prefer caffè latte or caffelatte, which means coffee and milk.  Caffeine helps to promote psychological or nervous activity in the body and acts as a stimulant. A lot of times, people drink coffee to stay alert or treat a migraine. There is also a long debate about whether caffeine is good for health or not. Some debates include if coffee consumption causes acne.

Reasons for Acne: Pollution and stress are main causes of acne. Fast food, deep fried, and spicy food also cause the skin to breakout. While coffee doesn’t cause acne, it can trigger the skin irritation, especially if you are consuming coffee with milk and sugar.

How Much Coffee is Good for You!

Coffee is a healthy drink if you drink moderately. However, if you are drinking too much coffee and not eating a balanced diet, it will lead to hormonal imbalance. It also leads to dehydration and increases gastric acid levels in the stomach. The right dose of coffee must not be more than two cups in a day. Hence, drinking more than a certain limit will flush out vital minerals and vitamins from your body. Lack of sufficient minerals and vitamins can also be the reason for acne.

When to Drink Coffee:

Drinking coffee in the morning is beneficial and will help you stay active throughout the day. Follow it with a healthy breakfast. However, having coffee late in the day will cause lack of sleep and prolong the stress levels. Once again, stress is also the direct cause for acne.

It is impossible for coffee lovers to completely stop drinking coffee. So here is an alternative – have a tumbler of coffee in the morning and later in the evening. Go easy on the quantity and avoid it closer to the mealtime. Avoid milk and sugar as much as you can and add cinnamon powder to reduce the side effects of caffeine.

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