9 Foods That Are Best Avoided in the First Month of Pregnancy

food to avoid during pregnancy

It is important that expecting mothers choose their diet carefully. Choosing a nutritious diet is important, so is avoiding certain foods which might not work well during pregnancy. The fetus is especially vulnerable during the first trimester. It is vital to minimize or completely avoid a few food items to make sure both the mother and the fetus are healthy…

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A Menstrual Cup and a Balanced Diet Can Help You Tackle Your Period Better!

advantages of menstrual cup

A menstrual cup, often referred to as the goddess cup, moon cup, diva cup, or lily cup is a feminine hygiene product that is designed to be a reusable replacement for tampons or pads. The cup is small, flexible, funnel shaped, and made of silicone or rubber. It is the newest advancement in menstruation technology. Many women have troubles with…

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How Lactating Women Can Get Rid of Breast Infections

Lactating Women - Breast Infection

Breast infection is also called mastitis. It occurs within the tissues of the breast. When lactating mothers experience the condition, it is called lactation mastitis. The infection affects the fatty tissues present in the breasts and can cause pain, swelling, and lumps in the breasts. Cracked nipples are also known to increase the risk of breast infection.  Breast infections commonly…

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