Here’s How You Can Tighten Your Skin Post Pregnancy Naturally

Natural ways to make the skin firmer post pregnancy

Pregnancy can lead to a number of changes to your skin and you might notice that the skin that’s left behind is loose and lacks firmness. While most skin problems go away post-delivery, some can remain. Our skin comprises of elastin and collagen and will thus expand when you gain weight. However, you might find that the skin might not easily return to its original form once it is stretched. Some women are worried about the way pregnancy affects the body but it’s important to give your body the time it needs to recover.

Here are some natural ways to tighten skin post delivery. However, before trying out any of these, remember to first consult your doctor who will be the best person to ascertain the safety parameters associated with these.

Natural ways to make the skin firmer post pregnancy

Here are some natural ways to make your skin firmer after pregnancy.

  • You can indulge in cardio to cut fat and tone the muscles. It is a great idea to swim, jog, brisk walk or ride a bike. However, remember to consult with your doctor first before you get active. Do not directly proceed to the intense activities, gradually build up the temp. Remember that exercising regularly can help to firm the excess skin.
  • Drink lots of water. Water will hydrate the body and make the skin more elastic. Water will help to burn the fat easily. It also reduces retention around your belly.
  • Essential oils: Certain essential oils help the skin to repair itself. This is because of the anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compounds contained in the oils. Almond oil is helpful in reducing stretch marks. Rub essential oils like coconut oil or jojoba oil all along the tummy. This will help to tighten the skin.
  • Take a balanced and healthy diet!

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