FDA Warns Against the Safety of Teething Jewelry: Here’s What You Can Use from Your Kitchen as Teething Remedy


FDA is now warning against the dangers of using teething jewelry to help your toddler get through their teething period. They can end up becoming choking hazards for your baby. Teething jewelry is also not as effective at providing pain relief as some of the food alternatives below. Teething Biscuits Biscuits really are one of the best things for your…

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Common Cold is the Most Common Winter Illness: Home Remedies That Work Wonders on Common Cold


Common cold isn’t deadly, but it can be a true damper on your week thanks to its irritating symptoms. Below are some common household remedies that you can use to combat common cold and gain some relief. Apple Cider Vinegar for Common Cold Ingredients 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 glass warm water Procedure Combine vinegar with warm water and…

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Magnesium Helps Maintain Optimum Vitamin D Levels: Here Are Foods That Are Rich in Magnesium


Everyone knows by now that vitamin D is extremely important for body’s health and ability to function. It facilitates your immune system functionality and helps with the absorption of important minerals like phosphorous and calcium. But just eating vitamin D isn’t enough to make it effective. Vitamin D has to be absorbed itself. Magnesium is the key to making the…

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