Vitamin B12 Deficiency Can Result in Anemia – Here are Foods that Are Loaded with Vitamin B12


Vitamin B12 is a very important water-soluble vitamin that is known as cobalamin. It plays a crucial role in red blood cell production. Vitamin B12 deficiency can lead to a reduction in your red blood cell count and result in anemia. It can even affect your nervous system if left untreated. It can be hard to diagnose a vitamin B12…

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Role of Proteins in Stimulating Blood Vessel Growth – Here’s How a High-Fat Diet Can Help!


Your blood vessels are extremely important, they are the pathways responsible for conveying nutrients to all parts of your body. They don’t just deliver nutrients, they also deliver oxygen which is needed for the proper functioning of your essential organs, and remove waste products. The blood vessels in your body span a distance of over 100,000 kilometers if they were…

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Drinking Orange Juice Reduces the Risk of Dementia – Here’s What You need to Know!


A new study heavily suggests that there is a correlation between drinking a daily glass of orange juice and reducing the risk of developing dementia. Dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating and scary illness that typically affects people later in life. An estimated 46.8 million people globally had dementia in 2015. Some researchers believe this number will…

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