Foods to Help You Fight Off Winter Colds


During the winter, your chances of catching a cold skyrocket. This is primarily because people stay indoors more often, so germs are exchanged more frequently. Thus, it is important to make sure that when you get a cold you do everything you can to boost your immune system and fight the col. Below, are some of the foods that you can eat to fight a cold.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea otherwise known as sleepy time tea is one of the best things to help you fight off the dreaded common cold during the winter. One of the most over looked benefits of chamomile tea is that it helps you sleep. Getting a proper amount of rest and sleep is vital when trying to fight off a cold. Your body can only fully dedicate itself to repairing its faculties and bringing the full might of your immune system to bear by entering deep REM sleep. Chamomile tea also contains a significant number of antioxidants which helps to fight off free radicals that can weaken your cellular health.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Your grandma wasn’t just making up random folk remedies when she made you a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup when you were sick. Chicken noodle soup really has everything you need to strengthen your immune system and revitalize your body. The chicken has protein and the vegetables has vital vitamins and minerals that work together to boost your immune system and provide important nutrients to your organs. But the true power of chicken noodle soup is found inside of the broth. The hot broth soaks up all of the vitamins and minerals in the chicken and veggies, including the actual calcium and potassium deposits of the bones. Then the broth’s liquid state allows you to most effectively absorb them into your body.


One of the most vital things to check off when you’re sick is to make sure you stay hydrated. When your body lacks hydration it is hard for your organs to function at maximum capacity. This makes it extremely difficult for vital organs like your liver and kidneys to detoxify the body and keep your blood healthy.

Bell Peppers

Vitamin C is one of the first things people turn to when they’re sick. It is a time proven immunity booster. Typically, people go for a bottle of orange juice, but bell peppers actually have up to 3 times as much vitamin C as oranges.

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