DASH diet to regulate and manage High Blood Pressure

The world is entering into food revolution. Everyone is getting to know that most ailments can be prevented by following a particular diet. High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most common and yet dangerous diseases.  According to the NCBI, DASH – Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or Mediterranean diet, is designed to consume more fruits, vegetables, and…

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Can You Recognize Your Body’s Signs for Improper Nutrition?

Our bodies are incredible machines indeed: it’s a marvel how nature has prepared them so well to treat themselves and indicate all problems in incredible ways. Our bodies show us specific signs that indicate something is not quite right and that we need to take corrective measures and consult a medical practitioner. These signs mentioned below, of course, can indicate…

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Making Lifestyle Changes? Here are Foods that Increase the Risk of Cancer and You Need to Avoid

Cancer is what happens when your DNA and genes mutate, and your cells reproduce incorrectly. There are lots of things that can cause this: carcinogens, obesity, radiation, hormones, smoking, viruses, chronic inflammations, etc. We’re used to thinking of these as outside sources, but they’re actually present in the food we eat. Below, are some foods that are known to cause…

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