Magnesium Helps Maintain Optimum Vitamin D Levels: Here Are Foods That Are Rich in Magnesium


Everyone knows by now that vitamin D is extremely important for body’s health and ability to function. It facilitates your immune system functionality and helps with the absorption of important minerals like phosphorous and calcium. But just eating vitamin D isn’t enough to make it effective. Vitamin D has to be absorbed itself. Magnesium is the key to making the vitamin D absorption process successful. Below are some foods that are filled with magnesium:

Dark Chocolate

It’s about time that eating the sweet things in life helps you to be healthy. Dark chocolate may be on the bitter side of the chocolate scale, but it is still candy so enjoy. It is rich in magnesium; there are 64 mg in a 1 oz serving which is up to 16% of your recommended daily intake. Helping you with magnesium is just one of the benefits of dark chocolate. It actually has a powerful antioxidant that helps you to eliminate cancer causing free radicals.


This wonderful fruit seems to be appearing on a lot of healthy food lists as of late. It is one of those foods that is an all-around champ. In this case, we’re relying on the avocado’s magnesium stores. Just one medium sized avocado contains 58 mg of magnesium, which is 15% of your recommended daily intake.

Nuts are already the ultimate snack food -they’re filling, delicious, and filled with fiber and protein. They also have magnesium! Specifically, cashews, Brazil nuts, and almonds are magnesium powerhouses. A 1 oz serving of cashews has 82 mg of magnesium which is 20% of your recommended daily intake.


Legumes are one of the best sources for getting magnesium in your body. A single 1 cup serving of black beans has a whole 120 mg of magnesium that is 30% of the recommended daily intake. This is just one of the benefits of beans. You should eat them for the protein and fiber in addition to their magnesium benefits.

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