Are You Eating Enough Flavonoid Rich Foods?

foods rich in flavonoids

Bioflavonoids are “polyphenolic” plant derived compounds that are more commonly referred to as simply, flavonoids. There are between 4,000-6,000 different types of flavonoids that are used for various health purposes, supplements, and medicine. You can obtain flavonoids naturally via your diet. Flavonoids are found in certain fruits, veggies, and other types of foods, including red wine and dark chocolate. The…

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Olive Oil – The Secret to the Mediterranean Diet

olive oil

Olive oil is one of the major components of the famed Mediterranean diet, the diet known far and wide for its abilities to extend a person’s lifespan and reduce their likelihood of obtaining chronic diseases. It is especially great at resisting degenerative diseases and health conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, macular degeneration, or arthritis. The diet has also been proven…

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