What Can You Have on Keto Cheat Days

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Ketogenic diet has been proven to be one of the most effective weight loss diets in circulation today. People all around the world have reported amazing results from doing keto even for a couple of weeks. It really does get the job done when you do it correctly. The only unfortunate drawback to the keto diet (more like the drawback people dislike the most), is that the keto diet does not work well with cheat days.

That’s right, the keto diet requires a bit more consistency and fortitude than some other diets as far as resisting one’s cravings is concerned. This is because it is very easy to break the state of ketosis that is so critical to a successful keto diet. Without maintaining a state of ketosis, the body will absolutely not burn fat instead of glucose which naturally defeats the purpose of keto.

But just because the keto diet does not work well with cheat days, doesn’t mean you can’t do cheat days at all; you just have to cheat correctly. There are two types of cheat days:

Clean cheat day
This type of cheating is about eating some of the healthier things you may find yourself craving on keto, like starchy veggie (sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, etc.). It also lets you eat some whole foods that you don’t really get to eat on keto like whole grains. Generally speaking, grains are a no-no while on keto, but you can eat a little bit on your cheat day and not suffer too much.

Dirty cheat day
A dirty cheat day is just like it sounds; it is filled with all the foods you’ve been working hard to avoid, all the junk food, artificial foods, and sweet foods. A dirty cheat day may not completely kick you out of ketosis, but it is a slippery slope to failure, so try to keep everything clean

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