Keto Diet and Why it’s Here to Stay

keto diet

If you’re involved in the health and wellness community even a little bit, you have probably heard about the ketogenic diet. It is a low-carb, high fat, medium protein diet that has risen greatly in popularity over the past few years. But the ketogenic diet is not the only diet to become popular over the last few years. Plenty of others have had their share of the spot light, like the Atkin’s diet, South Beach diet, etc.

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All of these diets are designed to help people lose weight efficiently and achieve their health and fitness goals. Although they have similar goals, these diets are not all made the same way; some are clearly better than others. The biggest difference between the keto diet and its counterparts is that keto diet has staying power while its competitors are better thought of as fad diets.

The Ketogenic Diet Isn’t A Fad

The biggest reason that keto triumphs over other diets and has exited the revolving realm of fad diets is because it has been proven to be extremely effective. Fad diets, such as the Atkins diet or the Paleo diet don’t guarantee results. They are difficult to utilize effectively, either because their requirements require too much specialized knowledge or logistics, or their weight loss mechanism isn’t scientifically proven.

Keto has not only been proven to be effective, we also know exactly why it is effective. A person can begin the keto diet practically immediately – they probably have many keto friendly foods at home already. Ketosis, the state where your body begins to burn fat stores instead of carbohydrates can be initiated in as soon as a few meals. These fast results will keep you motivated and snowball your way to weight loss.

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