Protect Yourself This Monsoon – Here’s What You Can Eat to Stop a Cold Before it Starts


We’ve all experienced that dreaded sensation when you begin to feel a cold take over your body. Small symptoms start to pop up like a runny nose, slight cough, or sinus headache. You know at that point it’s only a matter of time before you’re in for a full-on fight for your health. Next time this happens consider taking the…

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Here’s How You Can Stay Away from Stomach Infections this Rainy Season

stomach ache

The rains provide relief from the harsh summer months but also bring in a number of stomach diseases such as diarrhea, gastroenteritis and food poisoning. Common stomach problems include nausea, upset stomach, cramps in the stomach, and vomiting. How to stay away from stomach diseases in the monsoons It is always advisable to eat hygienic food and avoid eating uncovered…

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Vitamin B12 Rich Foods for Diabetics


Vitamin B12 is extremely crucial to your body and maintaining proper health. There is a reason so many products brag about providing this extremely important vitamin. A deficiency of B12 can lead to many health problems that are not always obvious. Overtime, it can result in tiredness, loss of appetite, weight loss, constipation, and general weakness of constitution. Those are…

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How Almonds Can Help Achieve your Weight Loss Goals


Weight loss can be challenging for everyone. It is easy to put on weight and can be incomparably more difficult to actually take it off. Not managing your weight properly can be extremely hazardous to your health, especially if your weight is entering the realms of obesity. Obesity can lead to chronic illnesses like heart disease or diabetes which can…

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How Milk Thistle Improves Immunity and Aids Digestion


Milk thistle, is known in the scientific community as Silybmommarianum, and in the lay community as Marian thistle, Scotch thistle, and Mediterranean thistle. It is an annual flowering plant that is marked by its distinctive coloring of reddish-purple flowers that is native to southern Europe but now spread across the entire world. Milk thistle gains its medicinal effects from the…

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