How Milk Thistle Improves Immunity and Aids Digestion


Milk thistle, is known in the scientific community as Silybmommarianum, and in the lay community as Marian thistle, Scotch thistle, and Mediterranean thistle. It is an annual flowering plant that is marked by its distinctive coloring of reddish-purple flowers that is native to southern Europe but now spread across the entire world. Milk thistle gains its medicinal effects from the seeds. They contain high concentrations of silymarin and fatty acids which include linoleic acids.  The medicinal property of the seeds has a plethora of health benefits. They are able to detoxify the liver, improve organ repair, combat cancer, and even cure hangovers. Two of the more spectacular benefits of milk thistle are its ability to improve the effectiveness of the immune system and aid the body in digestion.

Immune System Booster

Milk thistle has a holistic effect on the body’s immune system. It works to alleviate the burden on some of your major organs and bodily functions so that they can do their job more efficiently and with less strain. Milk thistle is a super antioxidant and removes pollutants by actually going after pathogens in the blood, thus aiding the immune system. The silymarin in milk thistle also works to regulate insulin levels and blood glucose levels. This

Digestive Aid

Milk thistle also has the ability to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the digestive processes. It removes toxins from the system and clears digestive pathways. It also helps to lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels which increases blood flow and can prevent the onset of oxidative stress. Eating milk thistle is also a great way to ensure your kidneys are functioning well which improves your ability to purify metabolic waste and indirectly improve the functioning of your digestive process.

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