Dried Fruits That Help You Stay Fit and Healthy


Losing weight can be a trying experience. There are many obstacles that are hard to overcome; not only do you need to maintain a good diet and exercise, but you may also need to recalibrate your body to be optimal for weight loss. Specifically, you may have to give your metabolism a boost. One great way to do this is by including dried fruits in your diet. Some great dried fruit options are listed below.


Dates provide a substantial feeling of satisfaction; they have around 282 kcal per 100 g serving. Eating dates as a snack can help prevent overeating and acts as a natural check point on your food cravings. You will require smaller meals if you regularly consume dates. They are also rich in vitamin B5 which can give you a stamina boost.


Hazelnuts are composed of protein, healthy fats, and dietary fiber. The fiber especially helps you to feel satiated, so you stay fuller longer. It also has a long energy conversion time, so you won’t feel the need to eat for more energy sooner. Store a pack of hazelnuts in an insulated food containers and get snacking.

Dried Apricots

Dried apricots make great snack food. They are low in calories which makes them great for a low-fat diet. You can eat these on the go and you’ll mostly receive energy without having to worry about eating a lot of carbs. They also provide you with some substantial nutrients: potassium, calcium, and magnesium.


Prunes help improve your digestion, thanks to their large serving of dietary fiber. Prunes help you feel satiated and detox the body by inducing bowel movements.


Raisins are dried grapes. They are amazing snack foods that also promote weight loss. They also have low salt content and are high in iodine which make them extremely beneficial.

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