Gluten Consumption in Kids: How it Can be a Cause for Celiac Disease Later On.

Celiac Disease

You may have noticed recently that a glucose intolerance epidemic seems to be on the rise. Many people are finding it harder and harder to enjoy a nice barbecue, because they have to take into consideration the gluten tolerance of their guests. Planning any kind of eating event is becoming increasingly distressing because people don’t seem to be born with…

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Diets and supplements That Will Help Overcome Malnutrition in Children

Malnutrition in Children

A child’s health always begins with good nutrition. What your child eats will determine not only their health, but their comfort and ability to properly develop as well. But millions of children are affected by malnutrition every year. Malnutrition is considered to be the cause of almost half of childhood deaths for children under the age of five. In the…

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How Vegetables and Fruits Can Prevent Obesity in Children

Children learn from their parents. Until you enjoy eating fruits and vegetables yourself, you cannot expect your kid to do the same. Set a great example for your kid and encourage him/her to eat fruits and vegetables. It might take several trials and convincing, especially if your kid is choosy with what he/she eats. However, remember to tackle the situation…

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