The Link Between Early Puberty and Migraines in Girls

Puberty and Migraines in Girls

According to researchers, the percentages of girls and boys suffering from migraines is more or less the same until menstruation begins. By the time that both girls and boys enter adolescence, the rate that which women suffer from migraines is more than doubled than the rate at which men suffer from migraines. For the longest time, most researchers believed that…

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More Reasons to Love Peaches


Peaches are one of the most delicious foods on this earth, according to some people. The love for peaches is so strong that wars have been waged and political policy decided upon for the sake of peaches. But peaches are more than a wonderful tasting fruit that makes everything it gets added to taste better. They are also rich with…

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Here’s Why You Should See If Your Toothpaste Has Triclosan

Triclosan is a chemical that has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. It has been used in personal care products for decades now. Scientists have now shown the potential health risks associated with triclosan. Research has shown that triclosan causes harm to the mitochondria and also affects reproduction. Triclosan has been used in toothpastes, clothing, shaving creams, credit card, and cutting boards.…

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