The Link Between Early Puberty and Migraines in Girls

Puberty and Migraines in Girls

According to researchers, the percentages of girls and boys suffering from migraines is more or less the same until menstruation begins. By the time that both girls and boys enter adolescence, the rate that which women suffer from migraines is more than doubled than the rate at which men suffer from migraines. For the longest time, most researchers believed that the migraines begin with the onset of puberty. But recent studies have suggested that the migraines may begin at earlier stages in life.

Researchers discovered that girls suffering from migraines began to develop breasts at an earlier age than girls who don’t. They also experienced menstrual periods earlier than girls who don’t suffer from migraines. On average, girls with migraines developed breasts 4 months earlier and began menstruating five months earlier. The chances that a girl suffers from a migraine are increased by 25% for each year earlier that a girl begins puberty.

How to Treat Puberty migraines

There are actually multiple treatment options for dealing with different types of headaches:

  • Play sports to alleviate stress.
  • Take a dose of ibuprofen when the headache begins.
  • Lay down in a dark room to ease the migraine.

How to Prevent Puberty Induced Migraines

While hormonal changes are the big reason for teens and young adolescents to experience migraines, they are not the only reason. To prevent migraines or lessen their occurrence, try avoiding certain foods:

  • Hot dogs
  • Nuts
  • Luncheon meat
  • Chocolates

A child can also learn to practice deep breathing techniques, regular exercise, and getting a fitful 7-8 hours of sleep every day. This will keep your child’s hormones regulated and reduce the likelihood that your child suffers from migraines.

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