How to get rid of piles

home remedies for piles

Piles are swollen veins in the rectum and anus. The common symptoms of piles are itching, rectal bleeding, and pain. Piles can develop both inside or outside of the rectum and anus. They are also called hemorrhoids. It is a very common problem and causes severe discomfort. Let us see some powerful home remedies that will help provide relief from piles. It is advisable to consult your doctor before starting with these.

Home remedies for piles

  • Aloe vera: It has been used since ancient times to treat piles. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce irritation. It is very safe to use. Take aloe vera gel from the leaves and apply directly on the area. Check if you are allergic to aloe vera before applying.
  • Cold compress: Apply cold compress or ice pack on the anal area for 15 minutes. This will help to reduce the swelling. Applying an ice pack can be very effective for painful and large hemorrhoids. Do not apply directly onto the skin. Always wrap inside a cloth or a paper towel.
  • Warm bath with Epsom salt: Warm baths will help to soothe the irritation. Add Epsom salt to your bath. This will reduce the pain.
  • You should take a diet that is rich in fiber and which is not spicy. Avoid constipation at all costs.
  • Do not scratch as it will make the condition worse and damage the skin.
  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes and wear loose cotton clothes.
  • Always stay hydrated and consume at least 8 glasses of water.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Witch hazel: It is known to reduce itching, bleeding, and pain. It contains oils and tannins that help to reduce inflammation. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Mix Epsom salt with glycerin: Mix 2 tbsp of Epsom salt with 2 tbsp glycerin. Apply this mixture on a cotton pad and place it on the affected area. This will help to ease the pain.

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