Top Foods That are Rich in Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 foods

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient for your body that helps with red blood cell production, supports bone health, and can even reduce your risk of macular degeneration. The best sources of vitamin B12 come from animal products, which makes vegetarians, pregnant women, and vegans at high risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. Below are some of the best foods to get your vitamin B12.

Animal Liver and Kidneys

Organ meats are some of the best and most potent sources for vitamin B12; this is especially the case with lamb liver and kidneys. A 100 gram serving of lamb contains a massive 1500% of the RDI for vitamin B12. Beef and veal liver are right behind lamb liver – they contain around 990% of the RDI for every 100 grams.


Seafood is a great source of B complex vitamins. Shellfish is especially high in vitamin B12; they are small vitamin B12 powerhouses. This is primarily because they are a lean source of protein – 20 small clams possess 3300% of the appropriate vitamin B12 RDI. Clams are also a pretty fantastic source of iron. If you happen to like clam chowder you will be able to infuse your body with the full gambit of clam nutrients.


Sardines and fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, and tuna are more fantastic sources of vitamin B12. 1 cup or 150 grams of drained sardines contains more than double of the vitamin B12 RDI. Sardines are an especially great source for this because you can eat them canned – it is just really hard to resist the convenience factor.


You don’t just have to eat beef liver to get decent amounts of vitamin B12. You can eat simple steak. A 186 grams. grilled flat iron steak contains 200% of the RDI for vitamin B12. You can get higher concentrations of vitamin B12 by eating low-fat cuts of meat. It is also most effective when you grill beef than fry it, as the grilling maintains the vitamin B12 content.

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