How to use apple cider vinegar to remain healthy and beautiful!

Apple cider vinegar is an amazing agent indeed. Apples are fermented first with bacteria and yeast till they get converted into alcohol and then the process of fermentation is continued with bacteria which form acetic acid so that it is converted to vinegar. It has been used for centuries in alternative medicine. It is very low in calories and is used by people who wish to lose weight. 

Health benefits of apple cider vinegar 

  • It is acidic in nature and is very effective in killing different types of pathogens. It is used to clean and disinfect wounds. It is used to treat ear infections, nail fungus, warts, and lice. 
  • It is also a great preservative for food and helps to prevent the growth of microbes in food. 
  • It helps to lower blood sugar levels. It is very useful in treating type-2 diabetes. Apple cider vinegar is known to improve insulin sensitivity. It can reduce blood sugar levels by 31%.
  • It is always recommended to consult your doctor when it comes to people with type-2 diabetes before they start taking it to reduce their blood sugar levels. 
  • It helps in weight loss. It is very effective in keeping weight under control. It is very low in calories and studies have indicated that consuming apple cider vinegar regularly will help to reduce belly fat. 
  • It helps to keep the heart healthy. It helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases by lowering cholesterol levels. 

Beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar 

  • It is used for treating acne. Apple cider vinegar contains citric acid, lactic acid, and acetic acid. These prevent the growth of bacteria that cause acne. 
  • It is used to treat sunburn. It is very effective in treating burnt and inflamed skin. 
  • It is an excellent skin exfoliator. It is known to moisturize, smoother, firm the skin. It removes the dead cells of the skin. 

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